What need can this service answer?

In this situation and considering the issues that have arisen, it is possible to thank and appreciate the hard work and efforts of the team members in this difficult period by holding targeted workshops and organizational events, in compliance with health protocols; celebrated the return to work and achievements; And it will also be a good opportunity for managers and team leaders to implement the changes that they had in mind and did not have the opportunity to implement; Such as new norms of teamwork, changes in organizational culture and other things

Issues and problems of work teams in the era of Corona:​​​​​​​

Loss of team cohesion
Loss of motivation, due to being away from work space and progress
Compatibility challenges between people
Forgetting the characteristics, characteristics and abilities of people
concern of people in their personal life; Issues such as taking care of children, health of family members, managing financial issues, etc., which may cause them to feel guilty or uncomfortable and reduce their motivation towards work.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

How can this game method help to achieve organizational goals?​​​​​​​​​​​​​

These workshops are designed based on the LEGO Serious Play method and, while creating an engaging atmosphere, convey the principles of team building to people's minds.
Using Lego tools will be able to involve all people in all age groups in the game and make them interested in playing and continuing the game.

Also, topics such as teamwork, decision-making, negotiation, trust, making the right decisions, accepting different points of view and creativity will be taught to people during these games and people will engage with them​​​​​​​

About the game​​​​​​​

This game is from the series of serious games or the same
It is Serious Play and it is designed to teach teamwork and its effect in obtaining a more favorable result. Individuals in groups of several people must build a suspension bridge to connect two train stations that are located on two tables with a distance of about one meter. The characteristic of this bridge is to bear the weight of the locomotive and not to damage it during crossing.
Thinking together, having a plan before starting to build, coordinating and working each person in his assigned role in the group will create a suitable atmosphere and provide a detailed and efficient structure.
The atmosphere of this competition is happy and the competition is very exciting​​​​​​​



Motivating work and teamwork
Renewing the spirit of teamwork and cohesion in the team
Reminding people of the abilities and importance of teamwork
Freeing people's minds from personal worries
Creating a space for managers to speak and announce new decisions or decisions

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