How this game will help you?

will need innovation in your organization at the very moment that you think you don’t need it. Every company is trying to convert ideas into success and each company uses its own method.
One of the most practiced methods of developing ideas and creating successful business results from innovative ideas, is Lean method as depicted in the book “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries. (Bestseller 2011-2015 business publishings)

The Lean method has been widely practiced by most of well known startups (Now Tech Giants).

At the end of this workshop participants will master the art of developing ideas and launching a business based on an innovative idea and as a result they can employ transferred skills and knowledge in their companies.

What was the effect of implementing Lean Startup concepts in companies?

Lean Startup is a product/service development methodology with Build-Measure-Learn philosophy of development. This method applies all previous development experiences of human being and fosters the method with agile concepts Lots of companies such as Nike, Intel, Telnor, StatOil and Opera have employed Lean Startup method to develop new products and services or to design creative problem solving scenarios for their day-to-day issues. In order to implement Lean method, companies should be equipped with agile project management system, which is another subject of Creative Partner Courses.

About The Game

Playing Lean is an attractive board game and a serious workshop to educate participants on Lean Method concepts and practices. You will learn all the required concepts of “The Lean Startup” while experiencing a fun game.
After the game, you will have a wide and deep perspective of the Lean method, combined with an enjoyable personal experience to take home.

??The main focus of this game is on resilience and innovation??

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Workshop Agenda

1. Preparation (30 min)

  • Installing required equipments, preparing the environment for the workshop and warming up by introducing facilitators and Playing Lean tools to participants.


2. Introduction to Lean Startup Core Concepts (75 min)

  • First you will be briefed on the topic and you will learn core concepts of Lean Startup, 5 principles of entrepreneurship and 4 foundations of innovation

3. Playing the Game (150 min)

  • Now, 4 teams will compete to win the market with their new product: Could you create a service or product which wins customers over your competitors?
  • Teams will gain insights, try new features, win & loose customers and govern their company during the game. Every new experience in the game will teach you a Lean Method Subject with entrepreneurial terminology. This is a deep learning experience with Learning By Playing approach.

4. Analysis (30 min)

  • Your 2nd wave of learning will start, as you finish playing the game and facilitators start analyzing your game.
    we will study your decisions together. Which decision has stopped you and which has helped you to reach global markets? What your competitors have done differently?

5. Designing the Experience (15 min)

  • The third wave of learning experience starts couple of hours later, when you are rethinking over your new endeavor or the next day at your office.
  • How you can use your insights in your daily work or how you can employ organizational innovation. you will find the answer in the end.

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