Project Description

Robo Curling


What does this service offer?

Team Challenges at the time of COVID-19:

  • Weak Team Dynamics and Communication
  • Demotivation
  • Inter-Personal Challenges
  • Loosing connection to the team and forgetting others’ capabilities a characteristics
  • Personal Life issues such as Taking Care of Children, Family Health and Managing Financial Issues which could make anyone feel pressure, stress, depression, guilt and demotivation.

Team Challenges at the time of COVID-19:

We have designed workshops & events to promote the most desired/required skills during Corona Pandemic. Participants will get the required training in a COVID-Free environment with all hygiene protocols in place, while they enjoy co-working with their teammates. Managers will have the opportunity to communicate and implement changes of this period like new team working norms and changes in organizational culture.

How this game method will help organizations to reach their goals?

These workshops are designed based on LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology that creates an engaging atmosphere, while transferring team building principles to participants’ minds and then training them with soft skills such as team working, negotiation, decision making, trust and delegation, accepting different perspectives and innovation.

About The Workshop

Robo Curling is a team game with two teams of four participants, who play the game in an ice rink. Each player will move his own stone towards the target.
The winner is the team with its stones closer to the target. We have simulated this game with robotics.

In this game each team owns a robot, instead of stone, which could program to move towards the target.
Every team should get closer to the target with meticulous programming or prevent other teams from reaching the target.

Like-mindedness, teamwork and people making decisions together lead them to win in an exciting and happy game.

Robo Curling

AgendaAchievements for the organization:

Reminding the importance of effective communication, team working and using others’ capabilities

Motivation for team working
to announce and implement changes

Team working Spirit and rebuilding team dynamics
team working and using others’ capabilities  capabilities

Creating acceptance for managers to announce and implement changes

Robo Curling

Workshop Agenda

1. Preparation

  • Forming Groups
  • Distributing tools
  • Setting up laptop and projector


2. Greeting and Introduction (10 min)

  • Introducing the workshop by client to team members
  • Introducing Creative Partner team

3. Robo curling Game (90 min)

  • Introducing game rules and playing the game
  • This is a fun game to play that will educate participants with processes and concepts of team working, strategic decision making and systematic thinking.

4. Wrap Up (15 min)

  • Finalizing the game and summarizing the workshop and discussing conclusions on team working and decision making.

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