The process of hiring a force, on the one hand, includes identifying and evaluating your organization's need for recruitment, and on the other hand, it includes identifying capable applicants and hiring them to fill the job positions needed by your organization.

Recruitment refers to the process of identifying, attracting, interviewing, selecting, accepting, introducing (Onboarding) and... In other words, recruitment includes a wide range of "identifying the required job position to getting to know the work environment" for a new member of the group.

Companies usually recruit their needed workers through advertisements, newspaper announcements, social networks, job search sites and other ways. In general, recruitment is considered as one of the duties of the human resources department of any company.

Meanwhile, some organizations outsource recruitment to companies that specialize in this field. This is exactly where Creative Partner comes to your aid.
Therefore, we always try to recruit staff for various domestic and foreign companies using modern and up-to-date methods. These recruitments include permanent, temporary and project forces

How do we recruit?

While the recruitment process is unique to each organization, the basic steps CP takes in the recruitment process are as follows:​​​​​​

Identifying the needs of the group for recruitment
Writing job descriptions
Advertise a job position
Getting resumes
Review resumes
Phone interview / initial review

Face-to-face interviews
Evaluation of cases
Job history evaluation
Bring up with the collection
Job offer to the applicant
Introducing the collection to the new force (Onboarding)​​​​​​

Work with us​​​​​​​

We work alongside you to help your organization find the best employees for your desired job position by fully implementing the recruitment process.
For additional information, contact the recruitment department.​​​​​​