Our goal in providing this service to you is "offering a software solution to facilitate the organizational process and its implementation". Instant information about the current situation of the organization and the conditions related to your work is one of the main management tools that will be designed for you in this automation. To achieve these goals, the following steps must be taken:

"Integration of organizational processes" that operate manually and automatically and "access to information at any time and place" is the request of the managers of the collections. CP currently provides an opportunity for its customers to access this process and information in a networked and web-based manner

Identification of organizational processes
Analytical-perceptive interviews with key people in the organization and prominent people in the organization's process give us a comprehensive view.

Presenting the initial proposal and consulting with the key people of the organization
After identification, we will reach a general plan by presenting the initial proposal for automation and checking it with your organization.
Implementation of integrated information management systems and providing analytical reports in BI platform (business intelligence)
Depending on the industry and the type of activity of the organization, this stage is done with different programs such as Sharepoint or with coding such as Python​​​​​​​

Management dashboard design and organizational processes
Introducing office project management (PMO)
Establishment of Document Control Center (DCC)
Determining the organization's key indicators (KPI)​​​​​​​

Let CP support your office automation.
CP company will hire and train the support group for you

Automation implementation and testing
After the automation is prepared, it is implemented and tested in a short period of time in order to fix the problems and defects.
We can cooperate in the support department in two ways: