Training and development​​​​​​​

We help our clients to understand their needs, find solutions and implement the best practical solution.

Our training department offers specialized courses on a variety of subjects, technical and clerical skills.

Our training and development team strives to empower the workforce, teach new hires advanced skills, and ensure their success in the workplace.

Our team recognizes that each client has unique and different training needs.
We are trying to provide the right solution for each case and all our courses can be adjusted according to the needs of our customers.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Our educational offers are categorized into the following groups:​​​​​​

positive psychology
Playing Lean workshops


Experience has shown that new ideas are very exciting when they come to people's minds - at first - and process usually get started without any preparation, the reason why 90% to 95% of startups are failing world wide.
Innovation workshop offers the following categories:

People who want to become a pilot will not be allowed to use the aircraft after learning the principles and rules of flight as aircraft is an expensive asset for airlines.
So these companies are not allowed to fly unless the trainee is able to use it without damaging himself and the plane. The flight simulator is a bridge between written principles and a real airplane.


Simulators provide the space for the learner to make the decision, in addition to experiencing what can happen in the real world, and to see the outcome of their decisions and gain a near-real experience without damaging the plane or the trainee. You may not know how valuable your time and self-confidence are; they are so valuable that you'll eventually have a chance or two in your lifetime to launch a startup. But, if you still have the confidence after the first failure.

Learning Systematic Creativity
Lean Startup
Lean Startup Lean Canvas

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The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology is a radical, innovative, experiential process
designed to enhance business performance. It is based on the belief that everyone can contribute to the discussion, the decisions and the outcome.
The use of LEGO elements enables you to take a speedy shortcut to the core.
The LEGO elements work as a catalyst - and when used for building metaphors, they trigger processes that you probably were previously unaware of.


Problem solving skills
Problem solving skill is one of the most important skills that everyone in any workplace desperately needs and it is a combination of the following:

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a facilitation methodology developed at The LEGO Group. Since 2010 it is available under an open source community-based model. Its goal is improving creative thinking and communication.

Communication skills
Teamwork skills
Information acquisition skills
Creative thinking


In order to live in a peaceful world, work in a more relaxed environment, and to overcome change, we must learn! The present era is the age of developing personal and social skills.
Above all, leadership development for managers can lead to growth and development of human capital, improvement of personal and social behavior of employees and ultimately improvement of organizational performance.

CP offers practical courses aimed at enhancing managers' management skills and creating a pleasant, calm and learning environment for the employees.

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positive psychology

The main goal of every leader in an organization is to create resilient teams with high engagement rate. These teams will perform beyond your expectations and will surprise you with innovative solutions. Cognitive Psychology and Positive Psychology scientists have provided methods to measure and improve these elements via scientific approach.
This course provides the opportunity to study the complexity of human relations, develop soft skills such as effective communication, negotiation, problem solving, resilience and coaching techniques, In order to lead a highly engaged resilient teams with focus on character signature strengths.

The last but not the least, we explore mindfulness methods to nurture creativity and derive innovation in the organization in order to have more creative and vibrant teams.

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How to be a more effective and valued manager using coaching techniques? CP teaches how to differentiate between coaching and all of the other myriad roles that managers are expected to perform, such as managing, mentoring, leading, and training.
Also, you learn about the importance of strong leadership and how to describe your current point of view as a leader and evaluate when to adjust your thoughts in order to be a more effective manager / leader in a rapidly evolving workplace.

​You will be introduced to Thought Model, a coaching technique you can use to develop better ideas and better performances.