positive psychology

The last but not the least, we explore mindfulness methods to nurture creativity and derive innovation in the organization in order to have more creative and vibrant teams.

The main goal of every leader in an organization is to create resilient teams with high engagement rate. These teams will perform beyond your expectations and will surprise you with innovative solutions. Cognitive Psychology and Positive Psychology scientists have provided methods to measure and improve these elements via scientific approach.
This course provides the opportunity to study the complexity of human relations, develop soft skills such as effective communication, negotiation, problem solving, resilience and coaching techniques, In order to lead a highly engaged resilient teams with focus on character signature strengths.

i Communicate


Character Signature Strengths Positive Relationship (Team Tree)
Brain Cognitive Errors
Effective Communication Losada Ratio

Main Topics​​​​​​​

Introduction to Signature Strengths and its applications
Team building based on character strengths
Engagement and Positive Psychology
Introduction to well-being theory and PERMA
Preventing cognitive errors in team dynamics
​​​​​​​Introduction to Positive Relation at work & implementing it
Applying Losada Ratio in organizational relations

Training Goals​​​​​​​

i Achieve


Practical Wisdom
Pain & Suffering

Learning and applying assertiveness in team relations
Effective application of signature strengths
Improving resilience in high stress working environment
Increasing team success rate by improving grit and perseverance

i Engage


Gift of Time
Illusion of Control - Committed Acceptance
Maximizing Vs Satisficing
Art of Negotiation

Training Goals​​​​​​​

Using altruism in everyday work to foster relations
Increasing engagement rate through character signature strengths
Techniques to lead without micro-management
Learning and applying psychological principles of negotiation
Experiencing flow at work

Main Topics​​​​​​​

i Flourish​​​​​​​


Problem Solving Psychological Techniques Slowness & Innovation
Meaningful Mission
Career Development Plan
Visionary Leader
Brain Safe Model

Techniques to manage stress
Introduction to Problem Solving techniques and employing them
Success and achievement through innovation Creating meaningful mission at work
​​​​​​​CDP & IDP
Organization and individual shared Vision Practicality and commitment
Improving engagement through PERMA